Claiming Your Ex Back

At the point of losing your partner? Or just lost him/her and you still love him/her? Claiming Your Ex Back reveals some fantastic strategies for you to win back your sweetheart. Just do not give up.
Some contents include
• How to pick up the pieces to win back your Ex
• Steering up your curiosity and reignite the interest in you
• Quick Tricks and Tips to boost your confidence
• Is it Worthwhile to win or is there someone else more worthy for you

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The Involvement Informer

Battling with your schooling children? Like to let you know that you are not alone and things will get easier and smoother with the guidelines in “The Involvement Informer”. The contents of the book include
• Equipping you with powerful tools and strategies to assist you overcome your knowledge-lack
• Providing effective methods of preventing future problems and overcoming them when they come by
• Heaps of information on schooling for kids and how you can overcome them.
The Involvement Informer is only $17.00

Mending The Marriage

Feeling lonely … and considering rekindling your first love with your spouse? Some hidden techniques will be revealed in “Mending The Marriage”, a book that assists you to spice up your relationship. Some contents of the book include
• Provision of tools to enable you to rekindle the old feeling of love
• Revelation on how to get back your spouse into your warm arms again
• Strategies of enforcing your self-being to face any hardship relationships

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Student Loans Expose

Having difficulty in paying off your Student Loans? Calm down by following the guidelines on “Student Loans Expose” with some extra for fun. This book provides some insights of leverage your student loans if needed. The contents include
• Learn about getting a student loan with bad credit
• Revelation on consolidating student loans making it easier for multiple loans if necessary
• Step-by-step guidelines on student eligibility for certain loans
• Answers about repaying back the loans

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Family Financial Guide

NO MORE FAT NIL savings by following the guide “Family Finances”. This book will give Experience Breathe Taking, Life Changing Experiences BY Implementing The Correct Ways To Budget the most important finance, Family Finances.
The contents of the book include
• The key ways to help family debt-free
• Special methods about tracking family finances
• Simple things to do for double savings

Family Finances for only $24.00

Surviving Economic Recession

Say “NO” to economic recession by the guide given by “Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study”. The contents of the guide gives you the view on understanding the Economic Recession. The contents include
1. What Causes Economic Recession?
2. Impact of Economic Recession
3. Affect on common man
4. Economic Recession and Its Effect on Business
5. Options for Recession Proof Business
6. Economic Recession and Job Cuts
7. Impact of job loses
8. Tips to Save your Job
9. Housing Market and Repossession of Houses
10. Bankruptcy and Credit Crunch
11. Surviving an Economic Recession
12. Last words from the author

Economic Recession An Overview And Comprehensive Case Study and Bonuses for $17.00