The Science of Slimming Down

Most of us at some point in our life want to shed off some kilos.  It is almost certain that we tackle the issue by doing a fast, skipping at least one meal a day.  It is not uncommon that by the third day giving up slimming is the option.    The good news is it is possible to lose weight while enjoying regular food.  This possibility is highlighted by the book “The Science of Slimming Down”. The contents include

  • Reasons about why metabolism controls weight loss
  • Putting yourself into the right mindset to lose weight
  • How to shop for food that you can eat. Eliminate food that you cannot eat.
  • A fat burning exercise workout, toning exercise, walking
  • Tools such as chart outlining the caloric content of food, burning calories of activities and recipe for weight loss

The Science of Slimming Down is only $17.00
60 Day No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee


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